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Winter 2015 Issue
Running Shadows
Each day is a gift....we move in slow motion, our shadows try to
Run, each day is a gift. Hands held out to God, you cursed the earth.
Each day is a gift. Moving in circles, we’ve been here before. So
Many times. Clutching icons, trying to believe, God is with us. God
Is with us, they’ve all said it, through the ages. God is with us. God
Is with us. Each day is a gift.
Let’s Ride
From my window, you can see the lights. The city sleeps, let’s ride.
Empty roads, empty skies, the city sleeps, let’s ride.
Black sky, black roads, let’s ride.
From my window you can see the lights.  Let’s ride. The City sleeps
Let’s ride.
Black Roads, black skies, Let’s ride.

Winter Landscape
A musical interlude from your chums Germcorp here.
Let’s celebrate the winter and hope it’s a cold one. Here’s a pic of our local 
mountain range covered in the old white get you in the mood. 
Hope to get up there soon.
Year Zero
When I first saw their catchy slogans, they showed them on TV. The
Moral age was calling, they said there’d be no more greed. First they
Lined their pockets and said we’ve done nothing wrong. For those that
Hated money, they sang a I looked into my diary and saw
The dates had gone. It now said this your year zero and what once was
Right Is wrong.  What once was right is wrong.
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Winter 2015 - Germlab Productions
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